Is AllSaints A Luxury Brand? (6 Reasons Why)

AllSaints is a British lifestyle brand that was founded in 1994. The company started out as a small retailer in London and has since grown into a global high fashion brand. It sells menswear, womenswear, footwear, and accessories.

As of today, AllSaints has 281 stores across 27 countries and regions including the UK, France, Ireland, USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea and China.

It is said that AllSaints has a connection to popular culture and is often seen as a trendsetter in the fashion industry. Thus, it was named after a famous London street, which is the All Saints Road in the movie Notting Hill.

Also, the brand has been worn by celebrities such as David Beckham, Cara Delevingne, and Rihanna. And this has strengthen the company’s branding which suggest that the brand is a high fashion label. But is it considered a luxury brand?

Is AllSaints A Luxury Brand?

There’s no doubt that AllSaints is an affordable luxury brand. Aside from the fact that it has been worn by many celebrities, AllSaints also has a very high quality when it comes to their materials and craftsmanship. Thus, it has also gained a large number of following for both shoppers and some people who are just enthusiast with fashion.

1. It Has Solidified Its Branding

Since its inception, AllSaints has introduced itself as a luxury brand. It has achieved this by having a unique approach to design and materials, as well as by partnering up with other luxury brands for collaboration. For example, the company partnered up with Joseph Cheaney & Sons to create a new and high quality footwear. This only goes to show that AllSaints is willing to work together with other high-end labels to produce great products.

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2. It Is Well-Known For Its Quality

AllSaints is known for its impeccable quality. The company uses only the finest materials to create their products. It is said that many of its products are designed and sewn individually by skilled craftsmen. Furthermore, AllSaints has a very strict quality control process to make sure that each and every product they release is of excellent quality. This high level of quality is one of the main reasons why it is considered a luxury brand.

3. It Is Not Affordable For Everyone

Of course, with all of its luxury features, AllSaints comes with a high price tag. This is not surprising since most luxury brands are quite expensive. However, some people may find the prices of AllSaints are just fair enough considering its quality. 

In reality, the price range of AllSaints for its products are not high-level expensive. However, the company’s products are not cheap either. For example, AllSaints’ women’s shoes cost from approximately $70 to $295, while $93 to $317 for men’s shoes.

Another good example is its leather products which doesn’t come cheap either, in terms of its price. For the women’s leather, prices starts at approximately at $95 and can go over to $1,000. For men’s leather, price starts at approximately $60 and can go up to $500.

4. The Celebrity Influence

As mentioned earlier, many celebrities have been seen wearing AllSaints. This only goes to show that the brand has a strong influence in the celebrity world.

As a result, it the brand is becoming a status symbol for many people. Celebrities are often seen as trendsetters and their choices can influence the public’s perception of a certain brand. Therefore, the fact that many celebrities have been seen wearing AllSaints helps to increase its luxury status.

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5. The Material Used Are Great Quality

The materials used by AllSaints are of great quality. The company uses only the finest fabrics to create their products. Furthermore, AllSaints has a very strict quality control process to make sure that each and every product they release is of excellent quality. This high level of quality is one of the main reasons why AllSaints is considered a luxury brand.

According to its website, AllSaints has a concious commitment to produce products that are ethically and sustainably made. The company’s CEO Peter Wood added that, “At AllSaints we see it as our responsibility to not only help our customers look good, but also feel good, in the knowledge that we have carefully considered the materials used as well as the processes involved in creating our collections for them. Understanding what something will be made of and how it will be made are prerequisites for us before any design goes into production.”

6. It Offer Exclusivity

AllSaints creates exclusivity for the people who can afford to buy its products. This exclusivity is one of the main characteristics of a luxury brand, and the reason why AllSaints is considered one. In other words, the brand only caters to a certain type of customer; thos who can buy and those who are willing to pay for its price. 

Furthermore, AllSaints is only available in certain countries which also adds to its exclusivity. The brand is not as easily accessible as other luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Gucci. This only makes it more difficult for people to get their hands on AllSaints products, which in turn, makes the brand a sought-after.

Does AllSaints Hold Value?

AllSaints definitely holds its value for many of its products. Despite the fact that it is considered an affordable luxury brand, its products are still not cheap for the majority of everyday people. In other word, people who buy AllSaints products now will be able to sell them at a later date for a good price. This is not something that can be said for all brands, especially affordable luxury brands.

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The bottom line is that AllSaints is definitely a luxury brand. It might not be at the same level as some of the more well-known luxury brands, but it definitely has its own unique position in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AllSaints target market?

The main target market for AllSaints is young adults aged 18 to 35. However, the brand has a wide appeal and is also popular with people outside of this age range.

What style is AllSaints clothing?

The AllSaints style can be best described as edgy and cool. The brand’s clothing is often seen as stylish and trendy. Its designs are described as a goth with a modern rock n’ roll style.

What company owns AllSaints?

Lion Capital currently owns AllSaints. The acquisition happened in 2011 after the rapid expansion and the collapse of Icelandic investment firm Baugur Group, which has caused AllSaints to drown in debts of approximately £53 million.

Lion Capital and its US partner Goode bought the chain for £105m, which is approximately $124 million in today’s US currency value.