Is Ben Sherman A Luxury Brand? (4 Reasons Why)

Founded in 1963 in Brighton, England, Ben Sherman is a men’s clothing company that specializes in shirts, sweaters, suits, outerwear, footwear, and other accessories for men. The brand is also known for its designs that sometimes feature the Royal Air Force roundel which is often called the mod target.

Ben Sherman’s trademark designs were the fashionable short-sleeved, button-down collared shirts when it was just starting. Today, many of the designs of its products are referred to as minimalist and casual for its fashion sense. And for the same reason which is why it is popular among the young crowd.

The company has also been known to be a favorite of—or at least has seen being worn—celebrities such as David Beckham, Liam Gallagher, and Daniel Craig. This is one of the reasons why some people think that the brand has already reached luxury status.

But is Ben Sherman really a luxury brand? Let’s find out!

Is Ben Sherman A Luxury Brand?

Contrary to what many believed, Ben Sherman is not a luxury brand. One obvious reason is that the prices of its products are not at par with luxury brands. While it has expensive items on its list, it still falls short on other criteria to be in the level of what a luxury level is about such as exclusivity. 

Here are the reasons why Ben Sherman is not a luxury brand:

1. The Affordability Of The Products

Ben Sherman products are affordable. You can find Ben Sherman products in many mid-range department stores and retail outlets. While there are some luxury retailers that sell Ben Sherman products, it is not the focus of the company. This is one major reason why it cannot be classified as a luxury brand.

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For example, you can buy a shirt from Ben Sherman for as low as $36 on a regular price, while its most expensive product would just be less than $300. And while for others the latter’s price would be considered expensive, in terms of luxury brand categorization, this price is still relatively cheap.

2. The Quality Of The Products

In terms of the quality of the products, Ben Sherman does not cut corners. All their products are made from quality materials that can last for a long time. Its clothing items are also comfortable to wear, which is another reason why it has become a favorite among many people—celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

But it doesn’t mean that the products are made from the same quality of materials that luxury brands use. The truth is, that the brand focuses more on offering affordable and trendy clothing items rather than expensive ones to attract more consumers.

3. The Designs Of The Products

While the designs of Ben Sherman products are not as flashy as other luxury brands, they still have a certain level of sophistication and class to them. This is probably one of the reasons why celebrities are often seen wearing their clothes.

On the other hand, there’s still a clear line in terms of design between Ben Sherman’s and luxury brands. The former focuses more on contemporary and minimalist designs while the latter offers a more classical and sophisticated take. And when compared side by side, the difference on the design can be identified.

4. It Is Widely Available

Luxury brands are often exclusive and difficult to find. Meanwhile, this is not the case with Ben Sherman as its products are widely available in many stores around the world. If for example, there’s no Ben Sherman store in a country, one way or another, the brand is carried and sold through authorized reseller shops.

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And for this reason, Ben Sherman has no exclusivity as a brand, which is one of the many criteria to be considered a luxury brand.

Does Ben Sherman Hold Value?

Even though Ben Sherman is not a luxury brand, it still has a certain value for many people. For some, the brand offers good quality clothes at an affordable price. And for others, it’s the designs and the contemporary feel of the clothing items that make them want to wear them.

However, if the main goal of the person is for the resale value, Ben Sherman would not appreciate as time passes by. While the brand’s clothing items are made from made from sustainable materials, they still don’t have the same value as luxury brands when it comes to resale. Chances are, it will be resold at a fraction of the price and would continue to depreciate over time.

At the end of the day, what matters most is the preference of the person. And if Ben Sherman is the preferred brand, then it already has a value—regardless of whether it is classified as a luxury brand or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Ben Sherman?

The Ben Sherman brand is owned and a subsidiary of Marquee Brands. The brand is locally made in England.

Who is Ben Sherman’s target market?

Ben Sherman’s target market is young men aged 18 to 30. This is why most of the brand’s designs are contemporary, preppy, and minimalist. Thus, its products are affordable for the target market.