Is Brooks Brothers A Luxury Brand? (4 Reasons Why)

Founded in 1818 by Henry Sands Brooks, Brook Brothers is considered the oldest apparel brand in America that is still in operation. The company is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, New York in the United States. It is currently owned by licensing company Authentic Brands Group and mall owner Simon Property Group (SPG. N). It was acquired after Brooks Brothers filed for bankruptcy for $325 million.

Brooks Brothers brand is known for selling classic clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. The company has outfitted most of the former American Presidents sduring their run.

Brooks Brothers was also the first company to introduce ready-to-wear clothing in America and mass-produced clothes using steam power. Given the company’s history of over 200 years since it was founded, is it considered a luxury brand?

Is Brooks Brothers A Luxury Brand?

Brooks Brothers is not a luxury brand but is instead considered an upper-tier mid-range clothing brand. The company’s clothing are known to be not as expensive as true luxury items. However, some say that the quality of its clothing is not on par with luxury brands which is why it didn’t gain the top-tier recognition.

Here are the reasons why Brooks Brothers is not considered a luxury brand.

1. The Products’ Affordability

While Brooks Brothers has been known for its suits that are elegantly designed which is sometimes described as intimidating, the company’s clothing is actually quite affordable. A Brooks Brothers suit could cost you around $100 and could go all the way over $1,000, depending if you’re referring to a full suit or just the jacket or pants.

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This price range is still a lot cheaper than what you would spend on a luxury suit from other brands, which could start at $2,000 and go all the way up to $5,000 or even more.

But aside from its well-known suits, there are a lot of Brooks Brothers products that are so affordable that could be as low as $10 at a regular price. In addition, the brand offers continuous sales and discounts on its websites, which solidifies the fact that it is not a luxury brand.

2. The History of the Brand

Although Brooks Brothers has been around for a long time, it is not considered a luxury brand because it has never been at the forefront of fashion.

The company has always been known for its classic and timeless clothing designs which are popular among conservative dressers. However, it didn’t help the company’s case in being seen as a luxury brand because it has always been a mass-market brand. 

And this is in stark contrast to luxury brands which are often only available at high-end department stores or through the brands’ own website or flagship store.

3. The Quality of the Products

There are some people who say that the quality of Brooks Brothers’ clothing has gone down in recent years. While this might be debatable, it is still a fact that the brand’s clothing is not as expensive as true luxury brands. This could be because the company uses lower-quality materials in its products or because it outsources a lot of its manufacturing in the country.

In addition, Brooks Brothers’ clothing is not as well-made as other luxury brands. The stitching and construction of the clothing may not be at par with what you would find from a luxury brand. This is one of the reasons why the brand has never been able to reach the same level of status as other luxury brands.

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4. Its Products Are Mass-Produced

Another reason why Brooks Brothers is not considered a luxury brand is that its products are mass-produced. While the company was the first to introduce ready-to-wear clothing in America, it is no longer the only company doing this. In fact, there are now many other brands that offer similar products.

This mass production means that Brooks Brothers is not able to offer the same level of exclusivity as other luxury brands. Many of its products are available to anyone who wants to buy them, which takes away the feeling of exclusivity that is often associated with luxury brands.

Thus, the only consolation it offers to its consumers is that the company remains locally made. According to an article published by Forbes, “Currently, 70 percent of Brooks Brothers suits are made in Massachusetts, 100 percent of the ties are made in New York City, and about 10 percent of the shirts (the luxury and made-to-measure range) are produced in North Carolina. Of course, manufacturing clothes in the United States is nothing new for Brooks Brothers.”

Do Brooks Brothers Hold Value?

Brothers Brooks does not hold value like a luxury brand would. The truth is, their clothing depreciates in value as soon as you take it out of the store. This is because the company does not use high-quality materials in its products and because its clothing is mass-produced.

As a result, there’s no demand for used Brooks Brothers clothing and you’ll often find the brand’s clothing is sold at a discount. This is in contrast to luxury brands, which often have a high resale value because of the quality of their products and the exclusivity of their designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes shirts for Brooks Brothers?

Brooks Brothers shirts are made locally, specifically at the Garland Shirt Factory in North Carolina. The apparel company has owned the factory since 1982 which produces approximately 5,500 shirts per week, according to BusinessNC.

What is Brooks Brothers suit made of?

The suits are made with natural fibers such as wool, linen, and cotton. The company is one of the last clothing brands to still use these materials in their suits which add to the durability of the product. Thus, depending on which suit the consumer is referring to, Brook Brothers’ website explains what the suit is made of.