Is Chloé A Luxury Brand? (6 Reasons Why)

Founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952, Chloé is a fashion house in France that is known for its feminine and bohemian designs. The brand’s ready-to-wear collections are mostly made up of dresses, blouses, and skirts. Chloé is also known for its handbags, accessories, and shoes.

Its products has been worn by many celebrities including  Marion Cotillard, Sienna Miller, Madonna, January Jones, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, Clémence Poésy and Katie Holmes.

Chloé is owned by Richemont since 1985, and currently has over 100 stores worldwide. The brand’s flagship stores are located in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and New York. And over the years, the brand has established a strong presence in the U.S. market. However, people still wonder whether or not Chloé is a luxury brand. Well, is it?

Is Chloé A Luxury Brand?

Chloé is definitely a luxury brand since its inception. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Just take a look at the price point of many of its products that could be as expensive as $10,000 or more. Not to mention, the brand was acquired by Richemont, which is a luxury goods conglomerate.

1. The High Price Tag

One of the biggest indicators that Chloé is a luxury brand is the high price tag of many of its products. For instance, its handbags can cost upwards to $7,000, while its ready-to-wear dresses can be as expensive as $19,000. And even its other products such as accessories also don’t come cheap.

It is true that there are other Chloé that are more affordable. However, the fact that the brand has such high-end and expensive products in its portfolio is proof enough that it is a luxury label.

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2. The Brand’s History

Another factor that adds to Chloé’s luxurious image is its history. Since the company started in in 1952, it quickly gained a reputation for its feminine and bohemian designs. And not all brands can quickly be recognized to solidify a high-level status.

Over the years, the brand has proven its luxury status as many elites and celebrities wear the brand. And even though it underwent new management after Richemont acquired the company, the label still managed to stay true to its luxurious roots.

3. The Quality Of The Products

Another indicator that Chloé is a luxury brand is the quality of its products. The materials used for its garments and accessories are of the highest quality. And even though the brand has expanded its product range over the years, it still maintains a high level of craftsmanship for all its products.

Based from how the products were crafted and designed, it is clear that Chloé puts a lot of emphasis on quality, which is another key characteristic of luxury brands. Needless to say that it uses high-quality materials to make its products durable as well.

4. How And Where Chloé Products Are Manufactured

Chloé products are manufactured in several countries but remain exclusive in Europe. These countries are France, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, and Spain. Although a large majority of its products are still made in France and Italy. 

And even though the brand has outsourced some of its production, it still maintains a high level of control over how its products are made. Thus, manufacturing in the countries mentioned only suggests that craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap.

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5. The Stores And Locations (Exclusivity)

Chloé is popular but not seen in every corner of the place. In fact, even though the brand is present around the world, it only has a handful of flagship stores in major cities.

This just goes to show that the brand is very exclusive and not easily accessible to everyone. It is safe to say that not all retail stores can carry the brand as Chloé is very particular about the type of stores that it wants to be associated with. The brand has over 100 stores worldwide and its products are sold in some of the most prestigious retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges, and Neiman Marcus.

6. The Status Symbol

Chloé is also a status symbol. The elites are its main customers over the years. And because of its high price point, it is clear that only people with a certain level of wealth can afford to buy the brand’s products.

It is true that it also sells affordable products, but for an average person, these cheap prices are still considered expensive or luxury. For instance, the cheapest bags on the website cost $550 which, in reality, is still not affordable for average people.

Does Chloé Hold Value?

Chloé products surely hold their value, particularly the bags. According to Collector Square, Chloé has a number of bags that remain expensive even if they are pre-loved or secondhand. For example, the Chloé Marcie which has a retail price of €3,290 (approximately $3,317) is sold at approximately €1,418 ($1,430) for a secondhand piece.

That said, the brand’s products still lose value over time, but not as quickly as other brands that don’t have the luxury status. Besides, $1,000 secondhand bag is still not cheap for an average person, right? 

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So, if you’re looking for a luxury brand that will hold its value in the long run, Chloé is definitely one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chloé and See by Chloé the same brand?

Yes, Chloé and See by Chloé are of the same brand. See by Chloé is the sister company of Chloé that is more known as a luxury fashion house for many fashion critics and enthusiasts. 

While Chloé offers signature pieces of products from ready-to-wear to bags and shoes, See by Chloé offers a more youthful and cheaper diffusion line of the Chloé fashion house. It was created in 2001 by creative director Phoebe Philo.

Is Chloé cheaper in Paris?

Yes, it is true that Chloé is cheaper in Paris because the brand is based in that country and is considered a local brand there. The same principle also applies to other luxury brands based in Paris. However, the price difference is not that significant and you might even find cheaper prices of Chloé in other countries depending on promotions and sales.

Is Chloé a good investment?

Chloe definitely is a good investment as the brand has a strong luxury identity. It also offers timeless pieces that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Moreover, the brand’s products hold their value well in the resale market.