Is Furla A Luxury Brand? (5 Reasons Why)

Furla is an Italian brand founded in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto. The company started out as a leather goods workshop, and today as a leading international fashion brand. The brand’s products are sold in over 98 countries around the world with 490 mono-brand stores—particularly situated on the most prestigious international shopping streets.

Furla is said to be the brand that has defined the leather goods category since its inception. It is best known for its high-quality handbags, but the brand also offers a wide range of other leather goods, including shoes, belts, small leather goods, and accessories.

The company has a long history and is building to have a stronger international presence. It is highly-operative Regional Headquarters in New York, Moscow, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. But with its long history that defined the leather goods category, is Furla considered a luxury brand?

Is Furla A Luxury Brand?

Furla is considered a luxury brand. But unlike other luxury brands in the market, Furla offers more accessible and affordable luxury items without compromising on quality. The brand also has a strong focus on design and innovation, which sets it apart from other luxury brands in the market.

1. The Quality Is There

Furla is known for its high-quality leather goods. The company uses only the finest materials to craft its products. For example, the brand uses Italian leather for its handbags. As the name suggests, this type of leather is only from Italy as means to keep the quality of its bags in check to ensure it is soft, supple, and durable.

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2. The Manufacturing Process

A vital part of the brand’s DNA is its Italian manufacturing process. The company’s artisans are some of the most skilled in the world, and they use traditional methods to craft each piece by hand. 

It is said that Furla bags that will need special hand-cut leather, only the experienced leather cutters are doing it. These artisans have a minimum of ten years of work experience as a requirement of the company for the job. Thus, this attention to detail ensures that each Furla product is of the highest quality possible and will last for many years to come.

3. The Designs

Furla is also known for its stylish and modern designs. The brand’s designers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to craft its products. For example, the brand’s latest collection, Furla Pre-Fall 2022 collection, features a range of bold colors and innovative designs products that are trendy and stylish. Thus, these products are not only perfect for fall but even on other seasons of the year.

4. The Price Range

While Furla’s price range offerings for its products bend the traditional expensive prices of many luxury brands, it is still considerably pricier than the average non-luxury brands in the market. 

But for its quality, design, and manufacturing process, Furla’s prices are justified. The brand offers affordable luxury items without compromising on quality or design. For reference, Furla handbags cost anywhere between $128 and $818, while $68 and $278 for smaller leather goods like wallets. It will all depend on the size and materials used.

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5. The History

The brand’s history is another factor that solidified Furla’s status as an Italian luxury brand. For over 90 years, the brand has been crafting some of the finest leather goods in the world. And with its long history and commitment to quality, Furla is definitely a luxury brand that you can trust.

Thus, it remains true to its Italian roots and showcases the brand’s dedication to quality, design, and innovation. So, there’s no doubt that it deserves the luxury brand status and it continues to maintain it.

Does Furla Hold Value?

Furla’s value varies depending on someone’s perception. For instance, if someone wants to invest in Furla handbags for their quality, then it certainly holds its value. 

On the other hand, if someone is looking at the brand’s products for reselling purposes in the future, once the item is considered a pre-loved or a secondhand item, then it might not hold as much value. This is because a brand new Furla product is already in the affordable price range compared to other luxury brands. 

For example, a brand new pair of shoes sold by Furla can have a price tag from $225 to $545. It is way more affordable than other luxury brands where prices would start at around $1,000 or more. Reselling the Furla shoes would only possibly return a fraction of what the person originally paid for them because of the product is from the low-cost entry point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Furla?

Furla, as of writing this article, is still owned by the Furlanetto family. They are the one who founded the label almost a century ago and still has full ownership. Thus, despite multiple companies showing interest to acquire the brand, the Furlanettos have no plans to sell Furla.

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Why is Furla so popular?

Furla is a popular luxury brand because it offers high-quality products at a more affordable price range. And while many probably are not familiar with the brand, those who are in the know certainly love and appreciate Furla for what it is.

Its biggest market remains in Europe, particularly in Italy where the brand is based. But it has a growing following in other parts of the world such as Japan.

Why is Furla so cheap?

It is said that Furla is cheap, in terms of price, because its products are locally made in Italy. Compared to many luxury brands that outsource their production to different countries, Furla still upholds its commitment to quality despite having a more affordable price tag. The location of Furla’s factory in Firenze is very close to Italy’s best tanneries.