Is Invicta A Luxury Brand? (6 Reasons Why)

An American watch designer and manufacturer, Invicta was founded in 1837.  The brand originated in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Raphael Picard. It was then sold in 1983 to Ondix S.A, which continued the business in Switzerland. But due to disappointing sales, it was then again sold.

In 1991, it was acquired by American owners and relocated to Hollywood, Florida.  Today, Invicta Watches are now a well-known watch brand. It releases different collections over the years, giving consumers a variety of options such as designs, price range, and functions.

But the question remains, is Invicta a luxury brand? Let’s find out!

Is Invicta A Luxury Brand?

Invicta is not a luxury brand despite being founded more than a century ago. It has only become a recognizable watch brand in the last two decades. The company went through some ownership changes and was even close to shutting down at one point. And to some capacity, it may have affected why it didn’t reach the luxury level status.

Here are the reasons why Invicta is not a luxury brand.

1. The History

While it is true that Invicta is not a young brand, it went through ups and downs since its inception which prevents it from being a luxury brand. The company changed ownership several times and was even close to shutting down.

This is not the kind of stability that luxury brands have. In order for a brand to be considered as such, it needs to have a long and stable history. And this is something that Invicta doesn’t have.

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2. The Quality

For a brand to be considered luxury, the quality of its products must be exceptional. And while Invicta’s watches are of good quality, they are not on par with other luxury brands. This is because many of its products are not made with the finest materials that luxury brands use.

3. The Designs

Luxury brands are known for their sophisticated and elegant designs. And while Invicta has some good-looking watches, they are not on the same level as other luxury brands. This is because the company focuses more on function than form.

4. The Prices

Another factor that determines if a brand is luxury or not is the price of its products. And while Invicta’s watches are not cheap, they are not as expensive as other luxury brands. This is because the company focuses on offering affordable watches without sacrificing quality.

For instance, it offers watches that prices range under $200 to $250. Although, Invicta also has some of the most expensive watches that cost over one thousand dollars. As a result, the brand caters different market segments which is not something that luxury brands do.

5. The Exclusivity

Luxury brands are known for their exclusivity. They are not mass-produced and are only available in select stores. And while Invicta’s watches can be bought online and in brick-and-mortar stores, they are not exclusively sold in high-end boutiques.

And as mentioned above that, the prices of the watch varies where some are considered affordable while others are expensive, it further breaks the exclusivity of the brand.

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6. It Is Mass Produced

It is said that luxury brands are not mass-produced. But this is not the case with Invicta as the company produces a large number of watches each year and opt for more affordable parts to retain affordability for many of its products. And because of this, it can’t be considered as a luxury brand.

Does Invicta Hold Value?

Not all of Invicta watches hold value but some of its collections do. There are only a few watches from the brand that hold value due to its regular pricing. These watches are as follow:

As a result, these watches may retain its value for a while, depending on its condition and you, as the reseller, may get a fraction of price when you resell it.

On the other hand, the most affordable Invicta watches that ranges under $250 would not hold value, especially in terms of reselling them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Invicta battery last?

On average, you can expect classic watch battery to last 2-3 years. However, please take note that it may vary depending on the model, type of battery, and how often you use it.

Who owns Invicta watch company?

Invicta is owned by HRI parent entity The Seminole Tribe of Florida. HRI stands Hard Rock International Partners, a Seminole-owned hospitality company.

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What movements does Invicta use?

Invicta uses both Swiss and Japanese movements. However, most of their watches have Swiss quartz movement while the rest have automatic or mechanical movement.