Is Love Moschino A Luxury Brand? (4 Reasons Why)

Dubbed as a playful, vibrant, and super chic line, Love Moschino is a sort-of minor sister brand of, Moschino. This line is mainly designed for women who want to experiment with fashion and have some fun with it—without breaking the bank.

Moschino added the word ‘love’ to the name for its sub-brand which aims to be more youthful and fun. Love Moschino is the perfect fashion brand for millennials who want to dress well for a reasonable price. The line includes items such as T-shirts, jeans, dresses, bags, shoes, and even small leather goods.

Unlike other luxury brands that focus on serious couture or high-end streetwear, Love Moschino is all about being young, fresh, and modern. That being said, is Love Moschino still a luxury brand like its sister brand? Let’s find out!

Is Love Moschino A Luxury Brand?

Love Moschino is definitely not a luxury brand unlike Moschino. However, this does not mean that the quality of their products is lower. There’s a distinct target market that Love Moschino is aiming for— the millennials, young at heart, and fashionistas who don’t want to spend much and want to experiment with fashion.

Here are the reasons why Love Moschino is not a luxury brand.

1. The History

Unlike Moschino that was launched in the 1980s, Love Moschino introduced until 2007. This is a relatively short amount of time compared to other luxury brands that have been around for decades and centuries.

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And while its sister brand is considered a luxury, Love Moschino is a case where it doesn’t inherit the luxury level status due to how it is marketed. Thus, since its inception, the company behind the brand is already clear about which market it is for.

2. The Target Market

The target market of Love Moschino is different from other luxury brands. As aforementioned, this line is for the millennials and fashionistas who want to experiment with style without spending a lot. Other luxury brands, on the other hand, focus on those who have money to spend— whether it’s for couture pieces or high-end streetwear.

Thus, the way it is marketed, Love Moschino products are obviously good and easy to wear for everyday use. As a result, it is a popular brand for the younger market.

3. The Prices

One of the main reasons why Love Moschino is not a luxury brand is because of its prices. Its items are very affordable when compared to other luxury brands. This is in line with their target market which is mostly composed of people who don’t want to spend $1,000 for a piece of clothing, accessories, bags, or footwear.

For reference, Love Moschino’s clothing costs anywhere between $120 to $500, while the bags would cost anywhere from $220 to $400. This would all depend on the design, materials, and functionality, of course.

4. Style Of The Products

In reality, Moschino and Love Moschino have similarities in their style of clothing. After all, they are from the same roots. But what separates Love Moschino is basically (and obviously) the label that has the word ‘Love’ in it. The large label of the brand can relatively be seen in many of its products while the others have obvious identifiers such as the shape of the heart for its shoes.

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Other than that, Love Moschino is known for being more youthful and fun. The designs make the product easier to wear for a day-to-day event that needs a casual look.

Does Love Moschino Hold Value?

Love Moschino products do not hold value like how luxury brands do. This is for the same reasons that we have mentioned— its target market, short history, style of products, and prices.

While the brand offers good quality products, it is not something that would appreciate over time. The designs are also not made for classic styles that would last for years or decades. And because of their affordability, the products are meant for those who would want to use them for a season or two before moving on to the next style. In short, the resale value for Love Moschino products is quite low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Love Moschino the same as Moschino?

No. Love Moschino is a sub-brand of Moschino. The former was introduced in 2008 while the latter was established in the mid-80s.

Who owns Love Moschino?

Love Moschino is owned by the Aeffe S.p.A. since the brand’s inception.

Why is Love Moschino unique?

Love Moschino is unique because it’s a relatively new brand that has a luxury-level sister brand. It is also marketed to be more affordable and youthful. Thus, although it is not a luxury brand, it offers good quality products at reasonable prices.

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