Is Nine West A Luxury Brand? (4 Reasons Why)

Nine West or 9 West was a defunct American online fashion retailer founded in 1983. It was known for its affordable shoes and handbags. The company also had subsidiary brands called Nine & Co., Enzo Angiolini, Calico, Westies, and Jervin Private Label.

Nine West was founded by Jerome Fisher and Vince Camuto. It was named after its address at Nine West 57th Street in New York City. In addition, its first specialty retail store was opened in 1983 in Stamford, Connecticut, and from there it grew and expanded its business across the United States.

In 1999, the company was acquired by Jones Apparel Group. But then it was sold again and was acquired by a different company, Authentic Brands Group, after Nine West’s brick-and-mortar stores business closed and filed for bankruptcy in 2018. 

As of today, products continue to be sold at other retailers and through its website for the liquidity of over $100 million to support its operations. But during its course, was Nine West considered a luxury brand?

Is Nine West A Luxury Brand?

Nine West was actually not a luxury brand, to begin with. This is because of how it was launched and marketed. The company was known for its affordable products since its inception. And even after it was acquired by different companies throughout the years, its status never became a luxe.

Here are the reasons why Nine West is not a luxury brand:

1. The Price Tag Is Not In The Luxury Level

Nine West products have always been more affordable and mid-range when it comes to pricing. Even after a few reorganization, the price of Nine West products have not changed much and are still within the same range. This is one of the main reasons why it is not a luxury brand.

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And while it is true that there are affordable luxury brands in the market, these brands possess other qualities to have the luxury status. Nine West, on the other hand, fall short in these requirements aside from the price range.

2. The Quality Is Not In The Luxury Level

When it comes to quality, Nine West is not on the same level as luxury brands. The materials used for its products are good, just to be clear, but not from high grade materials. These materials are mostly made of synthetic, while the leather from its collection was not officially disclosed if it were 100% leather.

That being said, if you compare the quality of Nine West products to that of a luxury brand, there is definitely a big difference. 

3. The Designs Are Not In The Luxury Level

When it comes to designs, Nine West products such as its bags aesthetically look good but did not have intricate details and creativity. They were mostly simple and straightforward, with some incorporating basic geometric shapes. And it can also be seen to the remain products of the brand being sold from its website.

In general, the designs of Nine West products lack originality, and originality on the design is one of the main characteristics of a luxury brand. Some of the brand’s bag designs may even have the feels of what some luxury bag brands already have. And it takes away the creativity that is expected to be dubbed as a luxe.

4. The Brand Image And Reputation

The company’s advertising campaigns throughout the years have been mostly focused on discounts and sales. And its brick-and-mortar stores were found in outlet malls and other commercial areas. All of these factors contributed to the general image and reputation of Nine West as an affordable brand and not a luxury one. And because of its affordability, many of Nine West’s products don’t have the exclusivity to offer. 

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Do Nine And West Hold Value?

Unfortunately, Nine West do not hold much value. And while its products’ quality may be good, it is not enough to fall in the luxury category. The prices for its products were considerably cheap during its course, and even the remaining ones are the same. For reference, you can buy a Nine West product (what’s remaining from its website) for as low as $10. Its handbags cost anywhere between $15 to $109, while $10 to $200 for its footwear.

It is a clear indication that there’s no demand for the products for its prices to go up. Hence, it is not even considered rare find items now that Nine West is not anymore producing new products.

Meanwhile, reselling a Nine West product will not give you much profit, and in some cases, you might even end up selling it at a loss. One factor that causes this is due to the fact that the company has a lot of products in the market, which drives down the value of each item. And the brand itself is already affordable, to begin with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nine and West still bankcrupt?

According to Reuters, Nine West has already moved out of bankruptcy under the majority equity ownership of CVC Credit Partners and Brigade Capital. However, the new owners have not yet disclosed their plans for the future of the brand.

Do Nine West have new products?

There’s no official statement about the future of Nine and West, except that it has moved out from bankcruptcy. No new products of West and Nine has been released, but there are still many of its products continued to be sold through its website and retail stores that carry the brand.