Is Persaman New York A Luxury Brand? (5 Reasons Why)

Founded in the 1990s, Persaman New York is a contemporary women’s fashion brand that is best known for its sophisticated and modern aesthetic. Since its inception, the company aims to be an attainable, global, lifestyle fashion label and a destination for women.

The brand offers a wide range of styles—from casual to formal—but is most commonly associated with luxury. These products are said to reflect the consumers’ own lives, passion for their homes, art, travel, and entertainment. And although the brand is heavily focused on women’s lines, Persaman also has products for men.

As Persaman New York has already been in more than three decades in the business, people still wonder whether or not the brand is considered a luxury or not. Well, is it really a luxury brand just like how it markets itself? Let’s check!

Is Persaman New York A Luxury Brand?

Persaman New York is not considered a luxury brand even though it markets itself as one. There are luxury brand standards that Persaman New York falls short which is why it doesn’t make it into the luxe category. Some of them include the price point, target market, and reputation. Nevertheless, the brand really offers good quality products in the market.

Here are the reasons why Persaman New York is not considered a luxury brand:

1. The Brand’s Affordability

The first criterion for a brand to be considered a luxury is the price point. While Persaman New York’s prices are not exactly cheap, they are also not on the high end when compared to other luxury brands. In fact, some of its products are even more affordable than similar items from other labels. 

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For example, the price range of Persaman New York’s products ranges from $130 all the way up to $1,600, according to its website. But the prices vary depending on the type, size, and style of the product. 

In comparison, many luxury brand bags in the market have starting price points that are way higher than $1600. For instance, a Chanel bag can cost you around $1,7000 and up. So in terms of price point, Persaman New York is not a luxury brand.

2. The Target Market Is Not Exclusively Rich

Persaman New York’s products are not entirely catered for the upper-class market. The brand’s target market is actually women of all ages who want to feel good about themselves. This is evident in the wide range of styles that Persaman New York offers, from casual to formal. 

So while the brand’s target market may have some disposable income, they are not necessarily wealthy. This is another reason why Persaman New York is not considered a luxury brand.

3. The Brand’s Reputation

For a brand to be considered a luxury is its reputation. And while Persaman New York certainly has a good reputation, it is not as good as other luxury brands. 

This is because the brand is relatively new when compared to other luxury labels. It was only founded in the 1990s, while many other luxury brands have been around for much longer. 

Thus, it has not reached a wider audience yet to make people aware of its existence. In fact, many people still consider Persaman New York as an up-and-coming brand. This is different for many luxury brands even if an average person doesn’t own a luxury piece from a brand, people certainly know about its existence. 

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So, while the brand has a good reputation among those who are familiar with it, it is not as well-known as other luxury brands. 

4. The Materials Used & Craftsmanship

Persaman New York claims that for its products, it uses the finest materials. However, the brand doesn’t disclose what those materials are. 

The brand also says that its products undergo a rigorous manufacturing process with the highest standards of quality control. But without knowing what materials are used, it’s hard to say if the products are really made with the finest materials like in a true luxury item. 

Furthermore, although Persaman New York claims that “owning a Persaman New York satchel is claiming Artisanal luxury“, it’s difficult to verify the brand’s craftsmanship. 

This is because the brand does not disclose where its products are made. So, while the brand’s claim might be true, we cannot be sure without more detailed information provided. 

5. The Brand’s Image & Aesthetics

Luxury brands have a certain image and aesthetics that are different from non-luxury brands. This is why an average person might consider the brand a luxury. For example, the brand’s overall aesthetic is somewhat familiar. Many of its products encompass the same vibe as other luxury brands but with a more affordable price tag. 

However, even though the designs may have the familiar look of sophistication and something people have seen before, it is still not a luxury brand. This is by referring to the materials used for its products that, as mentioned, Persaman New York, did not disclose. 

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And for this reason, it cannot be considered a luxury brand.

Does Persaman New York Hold Value?

The value that Persaman New York products vary. It holds value in the sense that the products are well-made and will last a long time. The brand also offers a wide range of styles to choose from, so people can find the perfect bag for their needs. However, the value of Persaman New York products would not appreciate over time. 

And in terms of reselling a Persaman New York bag, particularly a pre-loved or secondhand, it also does not hold as much value. It is not an investment piece that gradually gets more expensive over time, instead, its value depreciates from the moment a brand new Persaman New York product is bought and used. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Persaman New York have a flagship store?

Yes, Persaman New York has a flagship store in New York. But anyone can also buy its products from its website and from other stores such as Poshmark, Nordstrom Rack, ModeSens, and ShopStyle.

Who owns Persaman New York?

Persaman New York is founded and owned by Saman Kukreja, who is also a designer.