Is Radley London A Luxury Brand? (5 Reasons Why)

Officially launched in 1998, Radley London is a British accessories brand selling handbags, wallets, and other small leather goods. The company has a strong focus on design and craftsmanship, with each piece being created in-house by a team of highly skilled artisans. Radley London is known for its playful and colorful designs, which often feature the brand’s signature Scottie Dog mascot.

The brand was founded by Australian Lowell Harder in the 1980s after she worked for Hidesign, an Indian men’s accessories line. Although it was founded in the 80s, most of its beginnings were spent exploring, designing, and developing the brand and its products until it was launched to the market in 1998.

While Radley London may not be as well-known as some other luxury brands, it has slowly been growing in popularity, particularly in the UK and Europe. The company now has over 20 stores and shipping to over 40 countries, with plans to continue expanding.

But is Radley London a luxury brand? Let’s find out!

Is Radley London A Luxury Brand?

Radley is not a luxury brand but a designer label. It doesn’t have the same level of name recognition as a luxury brand despite the company’s focus on quality design and craftsmanship. It falls short on other criteria to be considered a luxury such as its overall branding, global presence, and the products affordability.

Here are the reasons why Radley London is not a luxury brand.

1. The Company’s History

Radley London is a young brand, only having been founded in 1998. This is in contrast to many luxury brands that have been around for centuries. Because of this, Radley does not have the same level of history or prestige as other luxury labels.

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While it is true that there are young fashion brands that are already considered luxury brands, these brands were founded by already well-known fashion designers. Radley London was not founded by a designer with a pre-existing reputation.

2. The Brand’s Image

Radley London is known for its fun and colorful designs, which often feature the brand’s signature Scottie Dog mascot. This playful image is in contrast to the more serious and classic image of many luxury brands. On the other hand, this branding that Radley London has is also what makes the brand unique and well-loved by its followers.

It is safe to say that due to its witty designs, particularly on its bags, and its use of quality materials, Radley is a designer brand. The company has all the necessary factors to be considered a designer label. However, it does not have the same level of history or prestige as luxury brands do.

3. The Brand’s Pricing

The brand’s products are typically priced at a lower point than other luxury labels. For example, Radley’s handbags typically retail for around $25 to $405, while luxury brands can often charge over $1,000 for a similar bag.

On the other hand, the price range of Radly London may not be as expensive as some luxury brands but it is still not cheap. Its price range offering for many of its products still clearly set a line for its target market.

4. The Materials Used

Radley London uses good quality materials, but they are not the same high-end materials used by luxury brands. For example, Radley bags are typically made from Prado leather. It is a type of leather that follows intricate and delicate chrome and vegetable tanning. Thus, the processes give a full-bodied look and feel that will wear well for years to come if treated with care.

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5. It Lacks Global Presence

Radley London, unfortunately, doesn’t have the same level of a global presence as other luxury brands. Sure, a luxury brand has exclusivity which leads many people not to be able to access and purchase it due to its hefty price tag. On the other hand, many luxury brands’ presence remains strong because they are often seen in the media, on celebrities, and at high-end events. 

But for the record, there are elites, celebrities, and public figures who use and wear the brand. However, it would be hard to put Radley in the same category as luxury brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel.

Does Radley London Hold Value?

Radley London is definitely a good brand, but many of its items do not hold their value. One big factor is due to its affordability. Many of its products can be bought brand new at an already affordable price which does not guarantee that they can return a high resale value.

Another factor is that like any other brand that is not a luxury brand, the value of a product depreciates from the moment it was bought as time passes by. However, there are still some of Radley’s products that have withstood the test of time and remain popular even after years of being released. These include the Radley Dog print and the brand’s classic leather bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group are Radley bags for?

According to the article in The Times UK, Radley is aiming at the younger market. Many of the brand’s consumers are between the ages of 25 to 35, which reflects many of how its products are designed.

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Is Radley made in China?

No, Radley London products are designed in the UK and made in India, according to the article released the Management Today.

Why does Radley have a dog?

The Scott terrier dog often seen associated with Radley London was because of its Founder Lowel. She wanted to give her customers “a brand with humour and eccentricity.” From late 2000 and early 2001, the Scottie dog logo was included in every bag design.