Why Are Fendi Bags So Expensive? (8 Reasons Why)

Fendi was established in 1925 as a fur and leather workshop in Rome. But it was in 1965 after Karl Lagerfeld joined the company, the brand’s strong prescence elevates further as a major fashion house. Fendi is known for only the finest leathers, furs, and fabrics for its products. 

And through the years, the brand maintained a high level of exclusivity and only caters to a select few. That said, it’s no wonder why Fendi bags are so expensive. But are those the only reasons why their bags have a high price tag? How are they able to keep up with the prices despite the tough completion today in the fashion industry? 

Why Are Fendi Bags So Expensive?

Fendi bags are expensive because of the luxurious materials they use, their limited edition release, and high-end craftsmanship. Fendi is also known to add unique details to their bags which makes them even more sophisticated. For example, some of their bag straps are made with fur or have unique jeweled hardware. 

1. The Brand Reputation

Fendi has been around for almost a century and since its inception, the brand managed to maintain a good reputation. This is because, for generations, people have seen how the brand has always been able to produce innovative designs. 

At the same time, people know that when they buy a Fendi bag, they are buying a piece of history. This is because the brand has been able to withstand the test of time. 

2. The Limited Edition Release

Fendi releases a limited number of bags each year which makes them even more exclusive. And because they are so exclusive, people are willing to pay a higher price for these bags. 

Aside from the designs that the brand continuously releases, it also produces limited products. In layman’s terms, these are products that are collectibles that urge customers to buy Fendi’s products regardless of the prices.

3. The High-End Craftsmanship

All Fendi bags are made with the highest level of craftsmanship. The brand employs only the best artisans to make their products. This is one of the reasons why their bags are so expensive.

The brand doesn’t simply release a product, it ensures that each bag is made with precision and detail. For example, when they release a collection, each detail to it would be true to its theme such as when it presented the Hand in Hand exhibition to honor Italian craftsmanship. It has established how Fendi can remain relevant and luxurious for years to come. 

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4. The Unique Details

As mentioned earlier, Fendi adds unique details to their bags which makes them even more luxurious and expensive. For example, some of their bag straps are made with fur or have unique jeweled hardware. 

Also, the details should be well shown through their products. Fendi makes sure that their bags will stand out among the rest. This is because they want their customers to be able to flaunt their bags with pride.

5. Materials Used

This is one of the reasons why Fendi bags are so expensive because the materials used are of high quality. And because of this, their products can last for a long time.

If Fendi states that it uses fur in one of its bags, then it is guaranteed that it has furs, or if the bag is made using leather, it is made from high-quality leather. In short, Fendi does not use any materials that are not of the best quality which is why its bags are expensive.

6. Exclusivity

As mentioned earlier, Fendi is known for being exclusive. The brand only caters to a select few which makes its products even more expensive. While it is undeniably popular, not everyone has a disposable income to purchase the brand’s products. That said, those people who can buy Fendi bags feel exclusivity knowing that only a few people can have the same bag as them.

Fendi also uses RFID fabric tags in its bags. This RFID has a scannable chip that has information that contains the details of the production of the bag and its origin.

7. Celebrities Use Fendi Products

Another contributing factor to why Fendi bags are expensive is because celebrities use them. This is because celebrities have a lot of influence and they can make anything popular. Some of the most notable personalities using Fendi bags are Sarah Jessica Parker, Jourdan Dunn, and Meghan Markle.

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When celebrities are seen using or carrying a Fendi bag, people will get curious about the brand and would want to know more about it. As a result, more and more people will become interested in the brand which will eventually lead to an increase in sales.

8. Good Investment

Fendi bags are a good investment. This is because the brand continuously releases new collections while still maintaining the quality of its products. Even if a bag is not part of the latest collection, it can still be sold at a high price because of its design.

This is one of the reasons why people are willing to spend a lot of money on Fendi bags. They know that the bag will still be in good condition even after years of using it. But of course, proper maintenance of the bag is always the responsibility of every handbag owner.

Is A Fendi Bag Worth For Its Price Tag?

Yes, a Fendi bag is definitely worth its price tag. This is because the brand offers a lot of features that are not available in other brands. From its unique designs to its high-quality materials, Fendi bags are definitely worth the investment. Also, given the fact that the brand uses high-quality materials for its products, the handbags will last longer.

So, if you’re looking for a luxurious handbag that is worth your money, then Fendi is one of the brands worth considering. Just remember to take care of your bag properly so you can enjoy using it for a long time.

How Much Is A Fendi Bag?

The price of a Fendi bag varies as it will depend on the design, materials used, and size. But it can also vary depending on which line the Fendi bag comes from—women’s or men’s.

For example, the most affordable Fendi handbag from the women’s line is the Small Fendi Basket priced at $650, while the Fendi First Medium is the most expensive bag at $34,000.

For Fendi’s men’s line, the Flat Baguette Micro is the most affordable bag on their website, while the Baguette Trunk Mini priced at $15,500 is the most expensive one.

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Viora London has listed the top ten most popular bags of Fendi. But duly take note that some of them are already collector’s items and can be bought from either Fendi’s authorized resellers (if they still have stocks left) or from third-party resellers of vintage/collectible bags. Nonetheless, they are still the most sought-after handbags of Fendi:


Who owns Fendi?

Fendi is currently owned by Bernard Arnault who is also the owner of LVMH – Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE. The acquisition (date of purchase) was on November 24, 2001. According to the report in The New York Times, the deal was worth about $850 million.

How does Fendi pronounce its name?

The correct pronunciation of Fendi is “Fehn-dee.” However, some people also say “fen-dee” or “fin-dee.”

What does the double F logo of Fendi mean?

The double F logo was designed by Karl Lagerfeld. It was first used in 1985 and it symbolizes the brand’s signature style which is “fun fur.” The two Fs are also said to represent “Fendi” and “fun.”

How often does Fendi release new collections?

Fendi releases new collections every season. However, they also release special collections from time to time. For example, they released a special collection to celebrate their 90th anniversary in 2016.

Where is Fendi headquarters?

Fendi is headquartered in Rome, Italy. However, they have offices and boutiques all over the world.

Does Fendi have authorized retailers?

Yes, Fendi has authorized retailers. You can find a list of their authorized retailers on their website. But to name a few, Nordstrom, Madaluxe Time, and Farfetch, are some of the brand’s authorized retailers.