Why Is Bottega Veneta Perfume So Expensive? (5 Reasons Why)

Launched in 2011, Bottega Veneta perfume is a fragrance collection under the Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta. Its very first fragrance was the Bottega Veneta, which was described as a “leathery floral chypre.” The idea for this fragrance was to evoke a dream of the Venetian countryside, according to Tomas Maier.

The brand currently has 32 perfumes in its fragrance base, according to Fragrantica. This is quite a few compared to other luxury fragrances in the market today, but understandable, at the same time, as Bottega Veneta’s fragrance is one of its newest offerings of the brand to its customers. Its latest perfumes in its collection were launched in 2021, Illusione Tonka Solaire for women and Illusione Bois Nu for men.

Since its inception, Bottega Veneta has been able to have a cult following for its perfume regardless of its quite high price point. But what makes Bottega Veneta expensive?

Why Is Bottega Veneta Perfume So Expensive?

What makes Bottega Veneta perfume so expensive is a combination of factors. First, the raw materials used for the perfume are of high quality and quite rare. Second, the packaging offers sophistication, using only the finest materials. The perfumes are not widely available in the market which makes people to rave about it.

1. The High Quality of Raw Materials

The high quality of raw materials used in Bottega Veneta perfume is one of the main reasons for its high price tag. The brand sources its ingredients from all over the world, using only the finest and most rare ingredients to create its unique scents. 

For example, one of the key ingredients in Bottega Veneta’s popular perfume, “Bottega Veneta,” is the leathery floral chypre fragrance which is not a common scent of a perfume. And to achieve this scent is by crafting a “chypre with a combination of bergamot, patchouli and oakmoss.” According to Labottega, “the natural ingredients of this fragrance has a global path such as the bergamot is from Italy, the Jasmine Sambac was from India, pink peppercorns from Brazil, and patchouli from Indonesia.” 

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This combination of rare ingredients is what makes the Bottega Veneta perfume so special and expensive. Hence, this also reflects on the high price of the branch perfumes, ensuring that each scent was made with the finest ingredients from all over the world. 

2. The Finest But Sophisticated Packaging

Another factor that contributes to the high price tag of Bottega Veneta perfume is its well presentation of the packaging. The brand takes great care in creating beautiful and unique bottles for its fragrances and the box it comes in is also with good details.

While others might think that the bottles of the perfume of Bottega Veneta are just simple, the truth is that a lot of time, effort, and money were put into designing them. The brand makes sure that each bottle will reflect the quality of the perfume inside it. For example, the Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano Fragrances has a bottle design textured with intrecciato weave which by any chance can compete with bottles of liquors that are good for display.

3. Exclusivity

While Bottega Veneta spends a lot on the quality of their raw materials and packaging, they don’t spend much on advertising. Yes, it has advertisements both in traditional and modern media but not as aggressive as other perfume companies. Why? The brand wants its customers to see the value of its products by word of mouth and experience. 

The company relies on its loyal customers and good reviews to promote its products. This is one of the reasons why their perfumes are not widely available in stores. It is quite difficult to find Bottega Veneta perfume in any retail store because it is not widely available. It’s ideal to say that the company wants its customers to feel that they are part of an exclusive group.

4. Status Symbol

Bottega Veneta perfume is also a status symbol. The high price tag of the product says a lot about the person who is wearing it. It shows that the person is successful and has good taste. Yes, the perfume is not super expensive, but it is still expensive that an everyday person would think about more than twice before buying it—if he/she decides to buy it—despite the price tag.

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The brand has already a reputation for being high-end starting from its ready-to-wear collections, and it’s not a mystery that its fragrance line also has a higher price point compared to others. Thus, the feeling of sophistication in its perfumes reflects that. 

5. An Investment

The high price tag of Bottega Veneta perfume is also an investment. The brand promises its customers that they will get their money’s worth because of the quality of the product. It is not like other cheap perfumes that you can easily find in the market. When you buy Bottega Veneta perfume, you are buying a piece of luxury that will last long.

The perfume is also an ideal gift or a perfect part of your own perfume collection. There are not a lot of people who can say that they have Bottega Veneta perfume. So, if you have it, consider yourself part of an exclusive and sophisticated group of people that owns the perfume.

How Much Does a Bottle of Bottega Veneta Perfume Cost?

Surprisingly, Bottega Veneta’s website doesn’t have a dedicated page to shop for its fragrance collection. But according to Self Ridges & Co., the price costs from $54 to $205. These prices may vary as it is only based on what’s currently available on the website.

The cheapest perfume that Bottega Veneta perfumes have on Self Ridges & Co. is the Illusione For Her eau de parfum (30ml) for $54. The price may also change depending on the size of the perfume you’ll purchase. On the other hand, the most expensive Bottega Veneta perfumes on the same platform are the Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano (100ml) at $205 each, whereas the number I, II, IV, VII, VIII, X, XI, and XIV in its line collections are the ones available.

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Is Bottega Veneta Worth It?

If you like the unique scents of a perfume like Bottega Veneta offers which has a leathery, floral chypre-like, then it certainly can be worth it. However, if you are looking for a perfume that’s more central to a floral scent then a Bottega Veneta might take time to get used to. Otherwise, you can look for other perfume brands.

In reality, a Bottega Veneta perfume is worth buying if you have the disposable cash to spend on it. It is not a necessity, but if you are looking for a quality perfume that will make you feel sophisticated, then go ahead and add it to your collection. But if you’re more concerned about the price point, there are many other options in the market.

It is true that for everyday people, Bottega Veneta perfume is expensive. And not everyone would be willing to buy it. Needless to say, there are other more practical perfumes that can meet you halfway in terms of price and scent that you’re more familiar with.


What is the most popular Bottega Veneta perfume?

According to Fragrantica, the first fragrance launched by Bottega Veneta, which also has the same name, is still a favorite and popular choice among many. This is because of its unique scent that is not common in other perfumes.

Do they have a men’s line of Bottega Veneta perfume?

Yes, they do! The brand has a separate fragrance collection for men. And just like the women’s line, it also promises sophistication and luxury. You can check out the different scents available in online stores such as Self Ridges & Co., Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc.