Why Is Chloé Perfume So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

Chloé is a fragrance line first launched in 1975 by the French design house of the same name. The original line of the fragrance was just named Chloé by Chloé. It was a white floral centered tube rose, a flower of spiritual ruin, carnal, feminine and feisty. 

According to Perfume Society, “[the] original debut fragrance from the house: a rich floral, very much of the era of ‘power’ fragrances, and long gone.” This has become a cult item with many ardent fans through the years. But in 2008, the Chloé fragrance line was re-launched and the original fragrance was discontinued. The new line of fragrances is the one that we know of today.

The new line of Chloé perfume is much more expensive than the original. However, it didn’t stop the die-hard fans of the original from splurging on the new line. But despite the price hike, many are still left wondering: why is Chloé perfume so expensive?

Why Is Chloé Perfume So Expensive?

Chloé has been known to be more expensive than other perfumes in the market for a few reasons. Some of the reasons are the quality of the ingredients, the materials for the packaging, and the unique scents that the brand offers in its perfume. But aside from these obvious reasons, there is one reason that makes it expensive—the branding.

1. The History

Even before the Chloé perfume was introduced to the market, the name was already known in the fashion world. The Chloé fashion house was founded in the 1950s by Gaby Aghion. It quickly became a favorite among celebrities and socialites. 

In 1968, it was one of the first fashion houses to introduce ready-to-wear clothing. Its rich history has added to the brand’s prestige and has made it one of the most recognizable names in fashion and was inherited when it launched its own perfume collection, and contributes to its price tag.

2. The Quality

When it comes to quality, Chloé does not disappoint. The brand only uses the finest ingredients in its products. This includes using rare and expensive flower extractions that undergo many trials and errors before releasing the perfume to the market. Thus, it is known for its floral scent offerings which are subtle but remarkable.

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3. The Packaging

Chloé’s packaging and the bottle are sophisticated and elegant. The brand uses thick glass bottles and high-quality materials for its boxes. The bottle of perfume is carefully chosen and makes it look even more expensive than it already is. Plus, believe it or not, the bottle is not generous enough for its content. 

Although the bottle may look big, the perfume itself is just enough for a couple of months to a year of usage (depending on how often someone uses it), which leads people to rave and want to buy more after finishing one bottle after another.

4. The Scent

As mentioned earlier, Chloé is known for its unique and subtle floral scents. This attention to detail ensures that each bottle of perfume is perfect to breathe in and is gentle to the skin as time passed by when sprayed. According to the Perfume Society, the scent of perfume can last for about 6 hours.

5. Exclusivity

Compared to other perfumes in the market, Chloé is rarely or commonly advertised in a traditional manner such as seeing on posters, billboards, television, and/or ads on the internet. Although people see it now on social media, the advertising of the perfume still heavily relies on the word of mouth (or when online through hashtags). It is rare to be seen on internet ads compared to other perfumes. And it gives people using it exclusivity because not everyone may know or uses it.

6. The Demand

The exclusivity that Chloé possesses also leads to high demand. Because not everyone can or may have access to it, some people are willing to spend a lot just to get their hands on the perfume. This includes those who live outside of where the perfume is sold and/or retailed.

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For shoppers, Chloé perfume is an investment. It’s not just a purchase but owning something that not everyone has. And for those in the perfume business, the high price tag is a way for people to get curious, want, and buy the product which has a high chance of guaranteed massive profits.

7. Celebrity Influence

Another factor that makes Chloé perfume expensive is that celebrities and public figures use it even if they’re not endorsers or ambassadors of the brand. For example, Ashley Graham, model, and former Bazaar cover star, has mentioned that Chloé is her perfume. 

According to Bazaar, the celebrity mentioned that Graham cannot live without her Chloé perfume. In addition, another known celebrity who uses Chloé is the American actress, model and singer Haley Bennett.

How Much Does a piece from Chloé Cost?

Chloé perfume offers a wide variety of scents and each of them comes with a different price depending on the size. On average, the perfume price starts at $68 and may go up to $288 based on the price on its website. Thus, the price may also differ depending on where you are buying and who you are buying from. 

There are authorized resellers of the perfume such as Sephora which may or may not have the same prices compared to how much the perfume is sold from the Chloé website.

According to its website, Chloé rose tangerine eau de toilette, Chloé nomade eau de toilette, and Chloé are the cheapest perfumes at $68 (1.0 fl.oz.), while Atelier des fleurs narcissus poeticus and Atelier des fleurs ylang cananga are the most expensive ones at $288 (5.1 fl.oz.)

Is Chloé Worth it?

A Chloé perfume is definitely a worth-it investment, especially for those who are looking for a pleasing and sophisticated scent. It is perfect for special occasions or even just to make someone feel good about themselves. 

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If you like a good perfume despite its high price tag, Chloé perfume makes a good choice for the quality, packaging, scent, and exclusivity for anyone who loves and enjoys using perfume.

And a good perfume reviewer, Diary of Perfume Addict, also has the same opinion based on its review and says, “Chloé is definitely a crowd pleaser. People love it, and it’s one perfume that even if people overspray (I knew a girl who put way too much on) it’s still nice. I love smelling this on other people. Probably more than I like smelling it on myself.”


How can you tell if Chloé perfume is real?

There are obvious differences that can easily be spotted when checking the authenticity of a Chloé perfume. Here are some of the steps you can do to see if you bought an original Chloé:

  • The tube of the original is just the right size compared to the fake which is visibly longer and a little bit curled
  • The box of the original Chloé perfume is made from thicker paper
  • The color of the liquid content is really light
  • The label on the bottle is more unique, especially the “é”
  • The bow in the bottle has a dark beige color, it is more massive than a fake one and properly tied
  • The numbers on the bottom of the packaging and bottle of the perfume should match
  • The lid of the bottle is cleaner
  • The smell of the original lasts for hours compared to the fake one which only lasts for a few minutes

What does the signature Chloé perfume scent smell like?

The signature Chloé perfume scent smell of classic rose. According to its product description from Sephora, “Chloé Eau de Parfum begins with a combination of floral powdery notes: hints of peony, lychee, and springtime freesia.”