Why Is Gucci So Ugly?

Gucci is an Italian high-end luxury fashion house founded in 1921. It is based in Florence, Italy, and serves worldwide through its product lines such as clothing, leather goods, fragrances, beauty products, footwear, and home decor. The company is currently under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele.

Since its inception, Gucci has gained fame for its exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious designs. However, recent years have seen the brand come under fire for its controversial and often ugly designs. There are consumers who find the brand’s designs which some deem to be unfitting but expensive. So, is Gucci really ugly? Why? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Is Gucci So Ugly?

Some say that Gucci is ugly because it is trying too hard to be different. The brand’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, has been credited with turning the fashion house around and making it the powerhouse it is today. However, some argue over the last few years, Gucci has become far away from its classic roots and into uncharted territory. For example, the design of its clothing line has become more and more eccentric. While this may attract some customers, it is not a timeless look that will stand the test of time.

1. The Unconventional Design

Gucci has been known for its timeless and sophisticated design. However, the brand seemed to take a different direction over the last years by releasing products that many find to be in bad taste. For example, its “blackface” sweater released in 2019 was heavily criticized for being racially insensitive.

The blackface sweater has made an uproar and put Gucci under fire. Although the company had removed and issued an official apology statement for the matter. The release of the blackface sweater was not the first time Gucci had come under fire for its designs. The brand has been accused of plagiarism on multiple occasions, most notably in 2017 when it was accused of ripping off a design from Stuart Smythe, an artist. And these were not the issues that the brand faced for allegedly ripping off and plagiarizing a design.

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2. Only Good To Wear By Specific People

It can be said that Gucci is only good to wear by specific people like celebrities. Many of the brand’s products are seen as too over-the-top or unconventional for the everyday person. For example, the release of its “Dapper Dan” suit caused quite a stir due to its design and price tag. The suit was made with an all-over print of the Gucci logo, which some people found to be in bad taste and cost more than a couple of hundred grand. 

3. The Pricey Products

While the average person might not be able to afford a Gucci outfit, those who can often find themselves disappointed with what they’re paying for. For example, a pair of Gucci’s logo-printed socks costs around $85 for a pair. And that’s not even their most expensive product! 

One of the most expensive products that Gucci has ever sold is the Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt for a whopping amount of $250,000. Some of the notable features of it are the famous double G buckle that represents the bag and the top-quality leather. While it may not be one of the brand’s most unconventional designs, it cannot be denied that the belt has raised the eyebrows of many due to its high price tag.

How Much Does a Typical Gucci Product Cost?

The price of a Gucci may differ depending on which product a person is referring to. For example, a woman’s handbag would cost approximately between $830 to $38,000, while its dresses start from $980 and can go up to $8,900.

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A man’s Gucci suit would start from around $980 (pants) and can go up to $9,400. There are also different prices for the brand’s other products like shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. These prices for a majority, especially everyday people, are seen as too expensive and not worth it. 

And more than the price, the designs (although not all) may seem to be unfitting for everyday use. Others might even find it unconventional to wear on special occasions unless the person can confidently wear it or the dress or suit fits the theme of an event.

Is Gucci Worth it?

Technically speaking, if you have the resources and money to spend on a Gucci product, then it is worth it. However, for the majority of people, the brand’s products are too overpriced and some of its designs are not to their liking—and some might even go as far as to say that it’s ugly. 

However, people referring to Gucci as ugly do not just refer to the design and the price because it may also refer to how the brand is perceived. For example, others find Gucci ugly for using sweatshops.  And it’s not just a mere allegation as there have been reports about it such as the news reported in 2011. It was reported that the brand was accused by five former employees of making them work in sweatshop conditions.

That said, yes, a Gucci product is worth buying for its durability and if you have the extra cash to spend. While others prefer the bolder taste and might not find it to their liking, the brand speaks for itself in terms of its quality. It’s just a matter of personal preference—and whether or not you can afford it. Otherwise, you might want to consider other options that are more affordable and have better designs. 

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What is so special about Gucci?

What makes Gucci special is its choice of using materials that are durable and high-quality, the elements complement the overall look of the product and the intricate details of the craftsmanship. 

Why is some fashion so ugly?

Fashion is often seen as ugly when it goes against the grain of what is considered the norm or mainstream. It can also be seen as ugly when it is too over-the-top or eccentric for some people’s taste. However, it can be considered that these ‘ugly’ fashions or designs set new standards and may become a new trend over time.

Do people actually buy clothes from fashion shows?

Yes, people actually buy clothes from fashion shows. However, it should be noted that the prices of these clothes are often expensive and not all designs shown during a fashion show will be made available to the public. Thus, not all designs are fitting for everyday use.