Is Guess A Luxury Brand? (6 Reasons Why)

Founded in 1981, Guess started initially as a book of styles by Georges Marciano, Maurice, and Paul. The company was later launched as a denim brand inspired by European fashion.  

Today, Guess is a popular clothing brand that offers a range of apparel and accessories such as watches, jewelry, bags, and shoes for men, women, and children. The company is an American brand headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

But despite its success and securing its place in the fashion industry, is Guess considered a luxury brand? Let’s find out!

Is Guess A Luxury Brand?

Guess isn’t really a luxury brand instead, it is a designer brand. It doesn’t offer the level of prestige and exclusivity consistent with other luxury brands. With garments usually above $50, it appeals to the middle class looking for something a little more premium.

1. The Availability

Guess products are widely available in department stores and online, whereas high-end luxury brands are often only available in their own boutiques or select department stores. This makes Guess more accessible to the average shopper, which is why it’s not considered a true luxury brand despite its quite high price tag.

2. The Target Market

Luxury brands target a very specific market of wealthy individuals who want to flaunt their wealth and status. Guess, on the other hand, targets a much wider middle-class market. This is reflected in the company’s advertising, which is focused on aspirational rather than opulent lifestyles.

For example, Guess denim jeans are more likely to be advertised where they can be used both in day-to-day activities and in semi-formal getherings. This is in contrast to luxury brands that would focus their advertising on the high-end lifestyle that their products enable.

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3. The Quality

While Guess products are well-made and stylish, they’re not necessarily of the same quality as true luxury brands. Luxury brands use the finest materials available and often have their products handmade by skilled artisans, whereas Guess items are mass-produced in factories. This doesn’t mean that Guess products are poor quality, but they’re not on the same level as luxury brands.

4. The Logo

Luxury brands typically have understated logos that convey a sense of sophistication and exclusivity. The Guess logo, on the other hand, is very “loud” and often features prominently on the brand’s products. For instance, Guess shirts are famous for the graphic logo printed across the chest that have evolved and got different variations. This makes Guess products more recognizable but also less exclusive-looking than those of true luxury brands.

5. The History

Luxury brands have a long history dating back generations, whereas Guess is a relatively young brand. This gives luxury brands an aura of sophistication and tradition that Guess is still in the mids of establishing. 

But for the record, it doesn’t mean that Guess’s long and rich history is discredited, it’s just that compared to most luxury brands’ history, Guess’s is shorter.

6. The Price Tag

It is undoubtedly obvious that Guess’s price tag doesn’t come cheap. However, when compared to other luxury brands, Guess is actually more affordable. This is one of the things that sets Guess apart from true luxury brands and makes it more accessible to a wider range of people.

For a clear idea, a Guess men’s watch costs anywhere between approximately $70 to $300, while a luxury watch would usually start its price at over $3,000.

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That said, Guess is not entirely a luxury brand but a designer brand that produces quality products. It has a wide range of product selections with a quite long and rich history, making it a trustworthy brand. In fact, the company is very open in terms of how sustainable its products are. It releases its annual sustainability report to the public through its website

Does Guess Holds Value?

In terms of reselling a Guess product, it will most likely not hold its value. You will almost always find little to no value in reloved or resold Guess products. The reason for this is because Guess products are not considered to be true luxury items. 

Therefore, when reselling or when buying a second-hand Guess product, it is important to do so at a fair price that reflects the condition of the item and takes into account the fact that it is not as exclusive or in-demand as those of luxury brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guess brand a designer?

Yes, Guess is a designer brand. What makes a designer brand different from a luxury brand is that designer brands are more affordable and mass-produced, while luxury brands use the finest materials available and often have their products handmade by skilled artisans.

How much does Guess cost?

Guess products vary in price depending on the item. For example, a men’s watch from Guess can cost anywhere between approximately $70 to $300, while $85 to $235 for a women’s watch. And for its famous jeans & denim, prices range from $80 to $168 for men’s while $80 to $378 for women’s.

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Are Guess and Gucci the same?

No, Guess and Gucci are not the same brand or company. Guess is an American clothing company, while Gucci is an Italian luxury fashion house. While both brands sell items such as clothing and accessories, their target markets are different, with Gucci being a high-end luxury brand and Guess being a more affordable designer brand.

At the same time, other people are confused because both brands have similar logos, particularly the letter “G”. Thus, this has even become a long battle issue between the two companies that started way back in 2009 over the iconic “G” logo and diamond pattern that both brands used. However, in 2012, Gucci won the legal battle in court.